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Micah Andrews

Micah Andrews Micah Andrews
Micah Andrews @ BlacksOnBoys.com
Intrigue joins us once again here at BlacksOnBoys.com and he’s brought us another cute white boy. His name is Micah Andrews, is "mostly straight", never been with a black dude before and loves to suck dick. I think Micah has come to the right place. Once they meet up in public they jump into the ride and head back to the pad and get right down to business. Intrigue whips out his super sized black cock and lets Micah have a mouthful of fun before really giving it to him. Like I said, Micah has never had a black dick and not any nearly this big so when Micah hops up on Intrigues lap and takes a seat and slides down every inch like a pro…I was impressed.
Micah Andrews Micah Andrews
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Torch Torch
Torch @ BlacksOnBoys.com
BlacksOnBoys.com is out on the hunt for another crazy whiteboy. We find Torch at the Post Office. Don’t ask me what kind of name Torch is…maybe it’s because he’s hot or something. Torch is a long haired, California dude who admits to having very little experience with men, let alone black men. We get back to the crib and before you know it he’s sucking on some big black dick like he’s been doing it forever. Not sure if he’s really a virgin or not but it really doesn’t matter once he bends over and takes inch after inch of hard, black cock right in his ass like a total pro.
Torch Torch
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Lily LaBeau

Lily LaBeau Lily LaBeau
Lily LaBeau @ InterracialBlowBang.com
I remember when I was in school and we’d study about African’s being enslaved to white folks. Deep down I was sad and vowed to do my part to make it right. Fast forward a few years and I’m going to offer my cock sucking talent for a gang of black guys. My parents think I went to my friend’s house for a slumber party but I’m really in "The Hood". I was able to sneak out my sexiest outfit in order to guarantee that no black cock would be soft. I went down the row of sexy black bulls before they disrobed me; after that it was time to get it on! I slurped on all the big black cocks shoved into my face. I was gagging, spitting,jerking and choking as if they were the last black cocks I’d ever get to play with. When I wasn’t sucking one I’d be jerking him off while my tits and ass were being played with. My mascara was starting to run as well as my lipstick (which was now painted on each and every black cock in the room). I begged and pleaded with them to not hold back when they took turns shooting their gunk on my face. It felt like I was in a shower that was only spitting out black goo and soon they all had empty black balls. I can only hope to come back and alleviate even more of their pain.
Lily LaBeau Lily LaBeau
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Devin Chase

Devin Chase Devin Chase
Devin Chase @ BlacksOnBoys.com
This week on BlacksOnBoys.com our hot black stud Trap Boyy is on the hunt. Him and our cameraman are out cruising the streets and parks of Atlanta looking for some hot white meat. They pull into a park and find Devin Chase, who’s working out on an ab rocker right in the park. Well, Trap Boyy has a whole ‘nother idea of how they could workout. They drive back to "the pad" and get right to the "ups and downs" of the workout.
Devin Chase Devin Chase
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4 dykes scream in orgasm during this interracial lesbian orgy

It doesn’t matter what color your skin is in this black and white lesbian porn; as long as you’ve got a tight snatch to lick and drill with dildos, you’re welcome here! There’s nothing that’s going to stop Monique, Charlie, Viviene and Nadia from getting off, especially with how much their lovers crave orgasms from each other. The tongues were making them moan enough, but just wait until you hear them cry from the hard dildo banging they give.

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Kelly Wells

Kelly Wells Kelly Wells
Kelly Wells @ CuckoldSessions.com
My husband is about to lose all his shit if this divorce goes through. He’s desperate to keep things going smoothly so it looks like it’s time to test how desperate he is. I inform him that letting me suck and fuck some mean black guys would bring things up to the way they were and the loser is going for it! Remember, this guy can’t keep his small dick hard long enough for me to get one decent pump out of it so the only one he has to blame is himself. Once the plan was made we went back home and there was no turning back. Before I knew it there was a couple of black meat thermometers in my face and hubby had no choice but to watch his tiny wife get railed, pummeled, and destroyed by FUNCTIONING cocks. Listen real closely as I’m getting fucked from all angles and you can hear his heart ripping in two. It was either that or he loses the house and cars to me so the asshole cuckold got off easy. Speaking of assholes, mine will never go back to its old size since it was fucked into oblivion by those black dicks. Look at how they made me gape and notice the smile I had going from ear to ear. Too bad it’s a feeling I won’t have once I go back home with hubby the cuckold. I loved it how he kissed me once I was covered after a waterfall of black jizz. He might just keep me around for a while but only if he agrees that I get a daily dose of black cock.
Kelly Wells Kelly Wells
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Hangin At The Shoe Store

Hangin At The Shoe Store Hangin At The Shoe Store
Hangin At The Shoe Store @ KatieThomas.com
Today I’m hanging out in front of a shoe store. Why, you ask? Duh… cuz black men hang out at shoe stores, silly! So, lucky me, the first guy I hit up took me home. He’s very muscular, so I helped him with his kegal exercises, then made him pound my uterus!
Hangin At The Shoe Store Hangin At The Shoe Store
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Jasons Choco-Cock

Jasons Choco-Cock Jasons Choco-Cock
Jasons Choco-Cock @ KatieThomas.com
I love my gigantic vibrator almost as much as I like black cock. Luckily I live in the ghetto, so there’s always plenty of black monster cock around so I don’t have to use my vibe much. Today I was masturbating with my vibe & Jason Brown walked in on me. I was already dripping wet, so I immediately hopped on his chocolate cock & made him fuck my face.
Jasons Choco-Cock Jasons Choco-Cock
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Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee Sophie Dee
Sophie Dee @ RuthBlackwell.com
It’s always interesting to cum swap. It’s always interesting to cum swap with another black cock whore. In this case, it’s Sophie Dee. It’s always interesting to cum swap in a filthy place. In this case, it’s an adult bookstore! Specifically in a place called a "gloryhole". Ah, the gloryhole…myth or fact? Well, ever been in a filthy place and had to make a number 2? So you go into the stall and notice there’s been holes drilled in the stall wall? It’s a G L O R Y H O L E! Ever go to an adult bookstore and seen one? Yep, you have, so yep, you know they’re real…wait till you see what me and Sophie do this weekend. It’s sick. Pure and utter filth. Real depravity. I mean neither of us were raised like this. 🙂 XOXO – Ruthie.
Sophie Dee Sophie Dee

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